How FrontRow pays for itself in a year


In this example, we’re outfitting 10 classrooms with a FrontRow product.All the figures are based on documented reductions in teacher sick leave, special education costs, easier classroom management.

From battery usage to special education reduction, FrontRow saves schools money

FrontRow's third major design principle demands that we make cost savings a priority for schools — up front where possible, and long-term always. How?

Fundamental savings

Twenty years of research has documented that the financial returns of a FrontRow sound system can be just as exciting as the academic benefits. Because FrontRow reduces teacher sick leave due to voice problems, substitute costs decline. Special education costs can also drop off as children in FrontRow classrooms begin needing fewer remedial services. Indirect benefits are substantial as well: How much of your teachers’ and principals’ time and salaries goes toward behavior problems or getting the class focused? Up to 96% of schools using FrontRow have noted improvement in both these areas.

Up to 63% less energy

FrontRow sound systems for classrooms use well under half the electricity of other sound systems on the market. FrontRow designers make it an easy choice to be in harmony with green building initiatives, offering smarter use of school budgets and global resources. As school energy costs increase, that's solid long-term savings.

SmartCharge saves you even more

For even moderate classroom amplification projects, FrontRow’s unique SmartCharge feature can save you an extra $300 to $600 per year in maintenance costs by automatically sensing which batteries are safe to charge.

Half the battery usage

Because FrontRow's electrical designs are more efficient, we can use just a single microphone battery in the microphone used in Pro Digital and Symbio to get better performance than any other product. Cutting your battery usage immediately in half, we estimate you'll save at least an extra $120 on each system.