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FrontRow ezRoom

FrontRow ezRoom Overview

ezRoom makes it more efficient to teach with multimedia tools like projectors and streaming audio. Control devices from touch-screen or PC-based control panels. Manage your devices via the Maestro™ administrator software.

ezRoom: Intuitive AV control

Imagine having all your audio and control gear above the ceiling or embedded in attractive mounting solutions. No messy wires to trip over; no speakers to knock over; protection from curious students’ fingers. The key to more vibrant learning is the system that barely gets noticed: FrontRow ezRoom. This is the technology that makes all the other technology in a classroom more useable and effective. Yet the system itself is practically invisible to teachers and students.

HDMI connectivity is available as part of an ezRoom™ solution. HDMI-enabled ezRoom enclosures come factory assembled with all components wired and ready-to-go for fast installation and include an active powered receiver to support the full range of HDMI devices, as well as built-in HDMI audio extraction for integrated amplification.

Projectors. Interactive whiteboards. Document cameras. PCs. FrontRow ezRoom integrates multiple A/V sources and gives the teacher a single point of control. No more fumbling around in front of students. No steep learning curve. Teachers can use what they want, when they want it, to connect with students in media-rich, interactive learning environments.

For technical directors, remote diagnostics makes regular maintenance and troubleshooting fast and easy. From knowing when a projector bulb needs to be replaced to being able to respond quickly to a teacher with questions, ezRoom provides fast access to answers. A technical director can see the entire campus system and individual classrooms from any networked browser.

Control Panel Amplifier Speakers
A single point of control for your classroom's technology. Control a projector, screen, DVD player, and more. Switch from one source to another instantly. Even incorporate intercom and alerting functions! Flexible touch-screen and physical control panels available. Build your ezRoom as either a stand-alone AV control system or choose the CM3000 to allow it to be networked as part of the FrontRow Conductor communication platform. The speakers that come with your interactive whiteboard or computer are simply not good enough to distribute multimedia audio throughout the classroom. That's why ezRoom includes high-quality FrontRow speakers to evenly cover your classroom with audio.
FrontRow CB6000 touch-screen control panel FrontRow ezRoom CM3000 networkable amplifier IR Speakers make installations faster!
Other options
Teacher/student microphones AV connection plates Intercom
Easily add the famous FrontRow microphone — a simpler, smarter, 30% lighter mic with excellent sound quality, an easy to reach mute button and two integrated directional mics for better sound pick up. Easily connect computers, DVD/Blu-Ray players, mobile devices, and other analog and HDMI devices to our Decora-style wall plates. Take advantage of FrontRow's network-based integrated communication platform and plug our easy intercom into your ezRoom configuration.
FrontRow 940TM Teacher Microphone
FrontRow WP-PCAV Input Wall Plate Kit FrontRow intercom
FrontRow CB6000 touch-screen control panel Front Row microphone- up to 30% lighter! IR Speakers make installations faster!

Compatible with most AV gear

Arrives pre-assembled for fast installation

Full-color touch-screen option

Encore 'virtual' control panel option

Networkable amplifier/controller allows remote management of projectors, integration with Conductor™ IP paging system, intercom functionality, and more

Energy-saving standby mode

Lead-free construction

Lightweight and comfortable

Excellent sound quality

Easy-to-reach mute button

Two built-in directional mics

Two-channel infrared transmitter

SmartChargeTM failsafe charging

Lead-free construction

  • Install only two IR Speakers and two combo cables per classroom
  • Full range sound and complete classroom audio coverage
  • Extremely robust IR coverage
FrontRow ezRoom CB6000 Front Row microphone- up to 40% lighter! IR Speakers make installations faster!

CB6000 control panel specifications


RJ-45 to 8-conductor wire
(IR, Serial, Power)
100/1000 Mb ethernet

CAT5 (22-24 gauge

Power supply:
600 mA, 6-9V DC

Size (wxhxd):
11.5 x 11.5 x 3.25cm /4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5in


Transmission type:

Transmitting frequency:
2.3MHz & 2.8MHz (switchable)

dual uni-directional cardioid

Battery life:
minimum 8 hours

Battery type:
single AA, 2500mAH rechargeable (NiMH)

Operating range:
18.5m/60ft line-of-sight (typical)

Size (wxhxd):
11 x 6 x 2.5 cm/4.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 in

85g/3.0oz (with battery)

Speaker specifications

Speaker type:
Two 10cm/4in woofers; 2.5cm/1in tweeter

4? nominal

Continuous power:

Peak power:

Frequency response:
150Hz to 20kHz

355w x 130h x 230d mm / 14w x 5h x 9d in

3.4kg / 7.5lbs

Sensor specifications

Operating frequency:
2.3MHz & 2.8MHz

Operating range:
18.5m/60ft line-of-sight

Signal/Power interface:
RCA female jack

Reception area:
2500 sq ft

For more detail see complete specifications

Please complete this form for pricing and we'll send it to you via email. FrontRow CB6000 touch-screen control panel
The documentation below may refer to specific part numbers and configurations. Before ordering, please check your FrontRow pricelist to confirm kit contents.


Bid Specs: Bid Spec Request
Technical Specs: Infrastructure Systems
Symbio Wireless Mic and Speakers
WP-PC and WP-PCAV Wall Plate Kits
C200 and C400 HDMI Core systems


Setting a Static IP Address (Windows)
Setting a Static IP Address (Mac)
How to Configure FrontRow ezRoom CB6000
ezRoom Webinar - Manage your classroom technology to save time and money.

Installer Resources

Package Selection: Package Selection Guide
Project Planning: Project Planning Template
Installation Preparation: ezRoom Installation Pre-Flight Checklist
Product Registration: Register Your Products
ezRoom: Installation Guide
ezRoom: Teacher Edition for iOS Setup Guide
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Configuration Resources

Base Configuration File Library: Library
Maestro Driver files: All files
Calypso Action Control Language (CACL): CACL 11.1 Guide
Amplifier Configuration Utility:
For CM3000: v1.2, 1.1.2, 1.0.0-1.0.5*
For CA1000e Version 40*
For CA-1000, CA-1050, and CA-500 Version 18*
For CA-1000, CA-1050, and CA-500 Version 16*
For CA-1000, CA-1050, and CA-500 Version 14*
For CA-1000, CA-1050, and CA-500 Version 1*
For CA-SV, CA-2000, and CA-1000B Version 2*
Control Panel Configuration Utility:
For CB-1000 Version 11*
For CB-5000 Version 2*
For CB-5000 Version 1*
Configuration Utilities for Other Components:
For CR-1200R Version 0*
For CSD-500 Version 3*
For CW-1000
For Software Control Unit Demo/Editor/Converter (offline editor)
Configuration for WCM-RFB Version 11*
Configuration for WCM-RFB Version 9*
Configuration for WCM-RFB Version 8*
Frequency-scanning utility for WCM-RFB Version 5*
Frequency-scanning utility for WCM-RFB Version 3*
System Utilities:
Serial Term: Send/receive data via an RS-232 connection to a computer
Spyglass: FrontRow network device locator
Miscellaneous**: EasySync ES-U-1001-B10 Driver (provided by FTDI Chip)

*Look for the hardware version number on the unit's bar code label
**Lab software developed and supported by third parties but provided here for convenience

Software Downloads

Maestro console client software: Download
Encore! client software for Windows: Download
Teacher Edition for iOS: Download

CAD Drawings

652 WCM: CADImageVisio
AV Plate Detail
AV Station CP-450 CB-2000 Detail
AV Station CP-450 CB-2050 Detail
AV Station CP-450 CB-5000 Detail
AV Station CP-650 CB-2000 Detail
AV Station CP-650 CB-2050 Detail
AV Station CP-650 CB-5000 Detail
CB-2000 Buttons Detail
Ceiling Single Line
COMPILED Faceplates & Example Details
Hallway Single Line
Horn Single Line
Calypso Logo with Picture
Calypso Logo
Master Clock Single Line
Phone Single Line
Product Page Border
RDL Single Line
Smartboard Outlet Detail
UPS Single Line
USB Single Line