Pro Digital

Crisp, reliable audio that’s effective—and efficient

FrontRow Pro Digital Receiver


  • Digitally-processed stereo sound
  • Automatic feedback suppression and speech clarification
  • Energy-saving sleep mode — wakes up when teachers start speaking

FrontRow Pro Digital is the leading choice of schools for multi-speaker classroom audio. The reason? It’s supremely good at delivering on the core mission of sound in the classroom: speech clarity.

FrontRow Pro Digital Teacher Mic

Teacher Mic

  • Light and comfortable ergonomic design stays stable even when leaning to help a student
  • Prominent, easy-to-find mute button
  • 2 directional mics

Clearer communication with OptiVoice™

Pro Digital features OptiVoice™ — a patented algorithm that makes speech easier to understand for test-taking, directions, and ESL instruction. Fragile consonant sounds carry about 75% of the meaning in speech, but are easily destroyed by background noise. OptiVoice strengthens these critical sounds with a digital 12-band equalizer in a single switch. A 2011 study by the University of Missouri shows students using systems with OptiVoice understand the teacher better — and perform better academically — than students using other classroom sound systems.

FrontRow Infrared Speakers

Infrared Speakers

  • Each unit combines two woofers, one tweeter, an IR sensor, and a single cable — saves up to half the installation time
  • Great infrared pickup and stereo sound

Digitally-intelligent sound

Pro Digital incorporates an Adapto™ digital algorithm that checks hundreds of times per second for acoustic feedback — the harsh squealing that can plague analog mic systems. Teachers can move freely without noisy disruptions, making it easier to teach calmly and clearly.

One-touch operation

Teachers just turn on the mic to start teaching. The receiver automatically wakes from its energy-saving mode, and goes back to sleep when the mic is turned off.

Teacher Edition Software

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