Our easiest and most powerful way to connect with students

A teacher’s voice is a powerful educational tool – now more than ever. The Juno® digital sound system listens as attentively as your students will, so teachers can control important functions simply by talking to it. Want more volume? Just say so!

Voice-activated lesson capture & device control

At last, Juno makes it practical for busy teachers to use the time-saving, results-boosting power of lesson capture. If you can say “begin” and “finish,” Juno can handle the rest. Like magic, Juno’s lesson capture feature makes a video of teacher and student voices, media audio, and the computer screen, automatically titles it with the right subject based on your schedule, and helps you post it for students to review at night — all in the device-agnostic MP4 format viewable on Windows® or Mac®, smart phones, and more. No special knowledge, no cords, and no big time commitment needed.

With the addition of a Juno Connect module, that voice-command convenience extends to control of projectors and displays, intercom calls, and other tasks.

Installation-free, without compromising sound quality

Juno needs no installation: its speakers and receiver are in one ready-to-use tower. Because it’s a digital multi-speaker 2.1 array rather than a single flat panel, Juno delivers excellent stereo sound coverage in an affordable, scalable package. And the onboard next-generation Adapto™ digital engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts.

Intuitive FrontRow design

A clean touchscreen makes it easy to get started, and the teacher microphone controls the whole system through a single button and simple voice commands. Juno’s desktop software opens an impressive range of advanced digital settings you can change from any PC or interactive whiteboard. There when you need it — and invisible when you don’t — the software also serves as your gateway for add-on features and updates.

As basic or advanced as you need it to be

The Juno platform easily adapts to serve the diverse needs of technology staff, curriculum directors, and teachers. Whether you want basic features with 5-minute setup, a fully installed media center, or anything in between, Juno can make it happen. Want more sound coverage? The Juno tower easily connects to FrontRow’s IR Speakers for even fuller-immersion audio. Want more student mics? Juno can handle up to five simultaneous mics with no ‘over-and-out’ waiting between talkers. Numerous other features are customizable through physical modules or software upgrades — today and in the future.

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FrontRow Juno Tower

Receiver/Speaker Tower 

FrontRow Juno Teacher Mic

Teacher Mic

  • Delightfully simple — does more with just one button than other mics do with six
  • Accepts voice commands to control the system and initiate Juno automated lesson capture
  • The mic you never need to turn off — it just goes to sleep when not in use
  • Better sound from a smaller, lighter mic thanks to superior mic suspension, better frequency response, and low-distortion digital synthesis
  • Longer-lasting lithium battery

FrontRow Juno Software


  • Full control of the Juno system through an interactive whiteboard or PC
  • Keeps advanced settings and personalization available without cluttering up the daily user interface
  • Unlimited-length, voice-activated, screen/audio capture recorded in universal MP4 format
  • A portal for new features and free firmware updates


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  FrontRow Desktop is discontinued, replaced with Teacher Edition Software: the FrontRow Desktop software application sold with Juno systems prior to May 2014 is discontinued and will no longer be updated. If you are re-installing the FrontRow Desktop with an existing license purchased prior to May 2014, click one of the links below. Note that the FrontRow Desktop Software includes Juno lesson capture and the microphone settings application.
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