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In a five month study, twice as many first grade students in a FrontRow classroom achieved significant literacy gains than students in a class without a FrontRow system.

In a five-month study of first-grade students, the FrontRow classrooms had twice as many children achieving significant literacy gains.

Students in FrontRow classrooms are twice as likely to have high-level reading growth

A number of studies show that students perform better academically in classrooms with a FrontRow sound system. For example, in a five-month study of 85 research and 81 control first-graders in the Broward County (Florida) Public School System, students in classrooms using FrontRow achieved significantly greater (p<.027) IRI-measured literacy gains. In fact, they were twice as likely to jump seven or more reading levels.

Similarly, in research from five schools in Rotorua (New Zealand) nearly 630 Kindergarten through fifth-grade students were studied in classrooms with and without FrontRow sound systems. Children in FrontRow classrooms showed significantly better listening comprehension, reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, and even math scores on Progressive Achievement Tests.

Why FrontRow improves literacy

Phonemic awareness — the ability to distinguish individual speech sounds — is a basic requirement for developing young skillful readers. It’s hard to be aware of phonemes if you’re not consistently and clearly hearing them. Because FrontRow sound systems increase speech clarity and phonemic awareness, they can significantly enhance the effectiveness of reading and spelling instruction.

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